Over the years, FLA has proudly offered grants for canine research as well as relief funding for individuals in the wolfdog community who have been struck with natural tragedies.

Research Grants

As a 501(c)(3) federal non-profit organization, FLA can accept tax-exempt donations for a variety of things. On occasion, we have returned the favor by issuing grants to researchers and/or graduate students conducting interesting canine-oriented research. One such recipient of an FLA research grant was Lindsay Mehrkam of the University of Florida's Canine Cognition Laboratory. In September of 2012, FLA sponsored Lindsay's attendance and participation at the annual conference of the Society for Science, Literature and the Arts in Milwaukee, Wisconsina. At this conference, Lindsay presented her Master's research on enriching the lives of wolves and wolfdogs in sanctuaries. Click here to read her conference presentation and click here to read Lindsay's first scientific journal article that came out of her research.

Disaster Relief Fund

The hurricane season of 2004 was particularly bad here in Florida. Within the span of two months, three powerful hurricanes made landfall in or near Florida. Damage sustained as a result of these storms was significant and made the FLA Board of Directors aware of the need of wolfdog owners for financial assistance during such disasters.

Below is an overview of the FLA Disaster Relief Fund, established in September 2004 in memory of Founding Members Beth Palmer (who was a previous Director, Vice President, and Secretary) and Jan Mitchell (wife of President Al Mitchell) who went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2003. Monies in the fund were initiated using memorial donations made by friends and members of the Palmer and Mitchell families. The fund will only be able to continue through (tax-deductible) donations from concerned individuals looking to assist wolfdog owners in need following a disaster. Click here to read FLA Past President Al Mitchell's letter announcing the Disaster Relief Fund.

At the bottom of this page is a link to the fund application form, donation form, and donation payment options

Objective: To provide financial assistance to wolfdog owners for expenditures related to their animals incurred as a direct result of disaster. Level of assistance will be determined by the FLA Board of Directors and will not exceed $250 per person per incident.

Eligibility: Financial assistance will be granted to wolfdog owners only. Individual wolfdog owners will be given priority over businesses and organizations. Although the focus of FLA—and this fund—is within the State of Florida, FLA may consider requests from outside Florida in cases of special or dire need.

Application: Wolfdog owners in need of financial assistance due to damage sustained from a natural disaster must complete an application form and mail it to FLA. All applications must include the following:

  • Name and mailing address of person or business/organization requesting funding.

  • Identification of the disaster (e.g., hurricane [give name], tornado, flood, etc.).

  • Explanation of need and justification for consideration for reimbursement through the FLA Disaster Relief Fund (e.g., downed or damaged fencing as a result of a tree falling on it during Hurricane Frances, costs incurred as a result of moving or boarding animals during a flood, etc.).

  • Original receipt(s) showing proof of material costs and/or work completed.


  • Completes donation form and mails it to the FLA Secretary.

  • Sends check (with form) to the FLA Secretary or donates by PayPal via the FLA website.

  • States (via a check box on the form) whether or not the donor’s name will appear on the website (if not, “anonymous” will be used instead) along with the amount of the donation.


  • Completes application form and mails it to the FLA Secretary.

  • Includes original receipt(s) for materials and/or work required as a result of the disaster.

FLA Board of Directors:

  • Provides initial funding from donations made previously in memory of Beth Palmer and Jan Mitchell.

  • Upon receipt of applications for financial assistance, reviews the applications and determines if and how much the applicants will receive.

  • Upon receipt of donations, sends thank you letters indicating that the donations are tax deductible and that no goods or services were received by the donors from FLA in exchange for the donations.

  • Maintains and updates FLA Disaster Relief Fund web page.

  • Solicits donations from FLA Members, from a variety of e-mail lists, and from other sources as appropriate.

  • Specific job responsibilities within the FLA Board of Directors are as follows:

  • Secretary: Receive mail-in donations and requests for assistance; submit applications to BOD for consideration; notify Webmaster of names and amounts of donations; forward donations on to the Treasurer; send thank you letters to donors; send award notices to recipients.

  • Treasurer: Receive donation checks and deposit them in the bank; mail checks to recipients; keep detailed records of finances involving the fund (distinct and separate from normal FLA business).

  • Webmaster: Create the “Fund” web page; keep the list of donors, recipients, and currently available funds updated on a regular basis.


The Disaster Relief Fund has received and paid out more than $5,000 since its inception. It currently has a balance of $160.00. Your donations will allow us to continue providing assistance to those in need.

If you would like to make a donation to the FLA Disaster Relief Fund, we ask that you please complete a donation form and mail it to FLA at the address provided below. Click below for the donation form (in PDF format):

FLA Disaster Relief Fund Donation Form

There are two ways to donate to the FLA Disaster Relief Fund. You can either send a check or money order to FLA at the address provided under Option 1, or you can submit a payment via PayPal using your credit card by clicking the button under Option 2. You may choose to designate your donation to an individual or facility approved by FLA and listed as a recipient or potential recipient in the lists provided below, or you may opt to donate to the general Fund. If you wish to send a PayPal donation designating a specific individual or facility, you must fill out the donation form and submit it to FLA. Because FLA is a registered 501(c)(3) Federal non-profit organization, all donations are tax-deductible under federal law.



Florida Lupine Association, Inc.
PO Box 971063
Miami, FL 33197-1063


Anyone who is interested in applying for assistance through the FLA Disaster Relief Fund, please fill out the following form and scan/email or mail it to us:

FLA Disaster Relief Fund Application Form

Fund Accountability:

FLA has kept careful records of all funds received and paid out. Click here for the full Disaster Relief Fund accountability from the date of the Fund's inception through the date of last activity.

Amazon Smile

The Florida Lupine Association (FLA) is a registered Amazon Smile charity. For any Amazon Smile eligible purchases, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to FLA. Please click below to select FLA as your preferred Amazon Smile charity.