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The Florida Lupine Association (FLA) was born of the need for an organization in Florida to represent responsible wolf and wolfdog owners. In 1997, many wolfdog owners in Florida who were also active in wolfdog rescue saw the need for such a cohesive organization. In June 1999, our efforts were rewarded, and FLA was formed.


FLA is not a breederís club. Rather, it seeks to represent responsible wolf and wolfdog owners in the state of Florida, while also promoting education about these lupine animals. Click here to read the FLA Code of Ethics.


FLAís mission is to provide information and education about the wolfdog; to track legal issues as they pertain to wolfdogs; to interact and collaborate with other wolfdog and animal (rescue and non-rescue) agencies, networks, and clubs; to advance the interests and the responsible ownership of wolfdogs; and to assist in the rescue and placement of wolfdogs. 


The FLA Bylaws are periodically updated and revised as deemed necessary by the FLA Board of Directors. Because the website is updated sporadically, the bylaws available here may not be the most current version. Click here for the February 2015 version. Members are welcome to contact us at the email or mailing address at the bottom of this page to inquire about the most recent version.


Since its inception, FLA has established contacts with numerous animal control and shelter agencies, the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), the Florida Rabies Advisory Committee, and the state veterinarianís office; we have built a database of members and supporters that we hope continues to grow; we have published a collection of educational pamphlets, flyers, and brochures that are being distributed by FLA and many animal agencies in the state of Florida; and we publish a quarterly newsletter entitled Florida Lupine News.


FLA is the only association of its kind in Florida, and we need your help to be effective. If responsible ownership of wolfdogs, maintaining the legal ownership rights of your animals, and the promotion of wolfdog education are important to you, please join and/or support us in our efforts. Click here to go to the membership page.


FLA now has an online store with agreat selection of new inventory items. Click here to check out our new merchandise sales page.


FLA is a registered 501(c)(3) federal non-profit organization. As such, donations to FLA are tax-deductible. We need your help to continue our educational efforts. Please click the PayPal button below to send us a tax-deductible donation.

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For more information, please contact FLA via e-mail at info@floridalupine.org or by regular mail at Florida Lupine Association, Inc., PO Box 971063, Miami, FL 33197-1063.



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